Ask any kindergartner on the first day of school what he wants to learn and more than likely he will answer, “I want to learn how to read!” This blog is intended to assist regular and special education teachers as well as reading specialists in implementing targeted reading instruction to help students reach that goal by developing capable, confident readers.

The idea for this blog arose from our own work with struggling readers as well as from our collaboration with teachers. As we began our roles as reading specialists, we met with some successes as well as failures and frustration. Many of the resources we found provided a series of isolated activities, but did not include a comprehensive intervention model. Over the years, we have worked together in an effort to create a systematic approach to literacy intervention.

For students to achieve success in literacy, teachers must have clear vision of what they want their students to accomplish as well as a defined blueprint to guide them.  We believe that every child has the right to reading success.  With careful teacher planning and strategic implementation and with hard work and effort on the part of the student, reading success is an accomplishment that is within reach.

Our goal is to help teachers identify students’ strengths and needs in literacy by “peeling back the layers” of students’ learning through assessment, analysis and instruction.