Is Early Intervention in Foundational Reading Skills Needed?

Is Early Intervention in Foundational Reading Skills Needed?

Case Study #1, Avery In this post we will take a closer look at Avery, whom we introduced on our Instagram page. We will explore whether or not early intervention in foundational reading skills is needed. Avery is a kindergarten student who has strong oral language skills, a robust vocabulary, a depth of background knowledge….

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What is a Closed Syllable and Why is it Important?

Teaching beginning readers about the closed syllable is an important first step in reading success. Kindergarten, First Grade, and emergent readers benefit from lessons that include explicit, systematic instruction of the syllable type, both in isolation and in connected text (decodable readers). 

Why You Should be Teaching Phonics: Common Phonics Myths Debunked!

 Phonics is NOT a Dirty Word Scientific, brain-based research supports explicit, sequential, and cumulative phonics instruction in the early grades.  According to Louisa Moats, “[Phonics instruction] is so accepted in the scientific world that if you just write another paper about these fundamental facts and submit it to a journal they won’t accept it because it’s…

The Magic of Decodable Texts
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The Magic of Decodable Texts

  Decodable Texts are a Powerful Tool What’s the big deal about decodable texts?   Approximately 20% of the population is prone to a language based learning disability.  For these learners, reading does not come ‘naturally’.  To meet with reading success, repeated opportunities to practice code are non-negotiable.  Systematic, sequential, and cumulative practice with the alphabetic…