How to Calculate Fluency Rate

Why Calculating Correct Words Per Minute  Matters We often find ourselves discussing fluency rate and the proper way to score fluency assessments.  Some people are in the camp of counting ‘words per minute’.  Others hold the stance of scoring ‘correct words per minute’.  We firmly believe in scoring ‘correct words per minute’ because fluency is not just…

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Targeted Intervention Builds Stronger Readers

Using the Components of Literacy as a Guide The framework for our blog is based upon The Cognitive Model created by Michael C. McKenna and Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl (2009).  McKenna’s Cognitive Model provides a framework for targeted reading intervention that leads to stronger readers. The ultimate goal of reading is comprehension.  However, comprehension is…

Learning Disability or Curriculum Disability?
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Learning Disability or Curriculum Disability?

Nature vs. Nurture What is the difference between a learning disability, a curriculum disability, and instructional confusion?  Some of these terms may be familiar to you, while others may not. This was one of our very first blog posts.  It is still quite relevant today, which is why we’d like to revisit the term curriculum…