TTQA Bundle-A Jumpstart to Written Response



In addition to detailed daily lesson plans and all related materials, this bundle includes the following products from our store:

Game Bundle-Identifying, Generating and Answering Questions

Answer My Question Game: Oral Practice of TTQA

Ask Me a Question Game: Generating Questions

Asking vs. Telling Game-Free Sample of our TTQA Unit

The ability to answer a question in a complete sentence is a fundamental skill required of all students. TTQA (Turn the Question Around) is the first component of a well-crafted written response.

We have developed a comprehensive TTQA unit. Within this unit, we have created a pre and post-assessment to inform instruction. The detailed lesson plans will save hours of planning time and include strategies that can be revisited throughout the year.

This two-week unit follows the gradual release of responsibility model beginning with guided practice and ending with independent application. The unit also includes games for oral practice, a kinesthetic approach to TTQA, practice questions, templates for scaffolding students’ responses and related posters.



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