Science of Reading Decodable Running Records Mega Bundle

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This science of reading-aligned decodable running record assessment tool is what you’ve been searching for! It will give you the diagnostic information you need to determine your students’ reading proficiency. It will help you assess students’ mastery of phonics elements, fluency, and comprehension.
How can decodable running records help teachers?
These running records are designed to help teachers analyze beginning and struggling readers’ understanding of phonics. They ALSO include fluency and comprehension measures to move beyond the analysis of phonics skills in isolation.
This teacher-friendly resource has everything you need to collect data, monitor your beginning and struggling readers’ progress, AND report to families or child study team meetings. 
This resource contains two passages for 31 phonics features, totaling 62 decodable running records!   The Administration Protocol is a guide for teachers that offers scripted procedures to maximize efficiency.
The Guidelines for Analyzing document helps the teacher determine whether the student is responding to structured literacy instruction and includes suggestions for next instructional steps. 
The Teacher Reporting Document makes data collection and reporting a breeze! There is even a sample reporting document to use as a reference.
Decodable running records will provide teachers with the RIGHT information to help students become proficient readers…because every child deserves reading success!
This resource includes:
62 Decodable Running Records
Patterns include:
· Consonant Digraphs
· Bonus Letters
· Glued Sounds (am, an, all, ng, nk)
· Consonant Blends
· 3-sound Consonant Blends
· Suffix -s, -es
· Closed Syllable Exceptions
· Rabbit Rule (with closed syllables)
· Suffix ed, ing
· Turtle Rule (with closed syllables)
· Open Syllable
· VCe
· VCe (with hard, soft g, c and dge, VCe exceptions)
· R-Controlled
· Suffix er, est
· ai ay
· ee ey
· 3 sounds of ea
· oa, oe, ow
· igh, ie 
· ue, ui
· oi, oy
· ow
· ou
· oo
· ew
· au, aw
· Suffix less, ness, ful
*Bonus: ch, tch
Detailed Administration Protocol
Scope & Sequence
Guidelines for Analyzing
Teacher Reporting Document (with Sample)
Comprehension Rubrics


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