Phonemic Awareness Games: Phoneme Blending, Segmenting & Manipulation



This delightful game is ideal for helping students build students’ phonemic awareness. The Little Monster Game can be used to develop rhyming, isolating beginning, middle, and ending sounds, phoneme blending, phoneme segmentation, as well as isolating and manipulating the beginning sound of a word.

Phonemic awareness is an indispensable pre-reading skill because the ability to manipulate sounds is a key indicator of a student’s ability to read. Developing these skills early-on in a student’s school career is critical for reading success.

These games correlate directly to our Phonological Skills Assessment which can be used to help determine areas of need and inform your instruction.

This game is ideal for helping students develop an awareness of the discrete sounds in words; an important precursor to reading. Check out our blog and videos to see how it works!

This Phonemic Awareness Game Set includes the following:

Small Lowercase Letter Cards without Picture

125 Picture Cards (containing 2, 3, and 4 Phonemes)

Little Monster Directions

Little Monster Gameboards

***Low Ink versions of all materials included


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