Letter Name Letter Sound Assessment



This letter name and sound assessment is perfect for use with Kindergarten students as a universal screen. It is also an appropriate assessment for first grade students who did not achieve mastery of this skill in Kindergarten.

It is a diagnostic tool used to determine a student’s ability to identify the names of letters and the corresponding sounds. It is aligned with the CCSS Reading Foundational Skills standards.

Why is it important?

A child’s ability to understand that letters represent sounds in the written language (i.e. The Alphabetic Principle) is a necessary foundational skill for reading.

Use of the LNLS Assessment will inform the teacher of the class’ overall understanding of The Alphabetic Principle. Analysis of individual student performance will assist the teacher in gathering baseline data and/or inform instruction.

This resource includes:

Letter Name Letter Sound Assessment (LNLS)

Assessment Recording Form

Progress Monitoring Recording Form

Guidelines for Analysis including Directions for Administration

What makes our LNLS Assessment unique?

We believe informed instruction is most effective. Therefore, we strive to create products that not only align to current research, but also provide support for teachers. The LNLS Assessment was designed with this goal in mind.

Our ‘Guidelines for Analysis’ assists teachers in identifying common areas of confusion for students. Once these areas have been determined, teachers are better able to provide targeted instruction.


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