Letter Name and Sound Cards Set 1



These alphabet cards are perfect for helping emergent readers learn letter names and sounds (i.e. the alphabetic principle). Both the large and small sound cards include a picture clue to help students remember the sound that each letter makes.

Also included are small letter cards without a picture clue. These cards are used to help students transition to the skill of identifying the letter name and/or letter sound.

Along with letters Aa-Zz, each set of sound cards include the following:

  • soft and hard sounds of c and g
  • voiced and unvoiced sounds of s and th,
  • y as a vowel
  • digraphs (wh, ch, ph, sh, th, and ck)

This product has been updated to include the following:

  • glued sounds (am, an, all, ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk)
  • closed syllable exceptions (ild, ind, old, ost, olt)

This resource is a perfect companion pack to use alongside our FREE Letter Name Letter Sound Assessment as well as our Fluency Grids: Reinforcing Letter Names and Sounds resource. These cards are ideal for helping students learn to read by ‘successive blending’. Check out our blog and videos to see how it works–CLICK HERE!

The Letter Name and Sound pack includes the following:

Large Upper and Lowercase Letter Cards with Picture

Small Upper and Lowercase Letter Cards with Picture

Small Lowercase Letter Cards without Picture

***Low Ink versions included***

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