Letter Name and Sound Bundle



Why is Letter Name/Sound recognition important?

The ability to automatically name letters and produce the sound of each letter is the foundation of the alphabetic principle. Emergent readers benefit from repeated exposure and practice identifying letters and sounds to reach the point of automaticity.

How can these games reinforce letter names and sounds?

Students who struggle to identify letters or remember the sounds benefit from targeted instruction. These games provide this targeted instruction in an engaging way.

These CCSS-aligned games are field-tested tools that help reinforce the names of letters, the sounds of letters, or both. The games included in this bundle contain letters of varying fonts to help emergent readers recognize such variations.

How can I determine which letters my students need to practice?

This resource contains our easy-to-administer Letter Name and Letter Sound Assessment. The Guidelines for Analyzing will help the instructor identify students needing reinforcement.

What is the best setting to incorporate these activities?

Each activity can be implemented in the intervention setting, when working with a small group of students, in a supervised literacy center, or one-on-one.

This resource includes:

Letter Name and Sound Assessment

Letter Name and Sound Cards

Fluency Grids: Reinforcing Letter Names and Sounds

Bingo Boards

We believe informed instruction is most effective. Therefore, we strive to create products that not only align to current research, but also provide support for teachers. The resources included in our Letter Name and Sound Bundle were designed with this goal in mind.


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