Fluency Grids to Practice CVC Words



Are you looking for a way to help your first grade and/or reading intervention students read CVC words with fluency and automaticity? These low-prep fluency grids are the perfect addition to small group instruction. The detailed lesson plans and pre and post assessments will help you implement this activity quickly and easily.

How do Fluency Grids Support Readers?

Fluency grids help solidify skills and build automaticity by providing ample opportunities for practice. We include nonsense words in both our daily practice grids as well as the pre and post assessments to ensure the student isn’t reading words based solely on sight word recognition.

What makes our Fluency Grids unique?
We believe informed instruction is most effective. Therefore, we strive to create products that align with the Science of Reading. Our detailed lesson plans provide support for teachers. Our fluency grids were designed with these goals in mind.

This resource includes:

16 fluency grids (14 practice grids, 1 pre-assessment, 1 post-assessment)

Detailed Fluency Grid Lesson Plans

Detailed Pre/Post Assessment Lesson Plans

Teacher Recording Forms

Guidelines for recording and analyzing

Suggestions for next steps

This product is also included in our growing bundle. Our growing bundle includes an editable fluency grid that is NOT available in our individual fluency grid resources. This allows teachers to provide targeted instruction based on individualized needs. The price of the growing bundle will increase as additional grids are included so you’ll save a TON of money if you purchase now!

Here are the phonetic elements that will be included in this growing bundle upon its completion.

Consonant Digraphs

Bonus Letters

Glued Sounds am, an, all

Glued Sounds with ng, nk

Suffix -s, -es

Closed Syllable Exceptions ild, ind, old, olt, ost

Consonant Blends

Open Syllables


R-Controlled Vowels

Vowel Teams


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