Decodable Word Lists and Sentences Rabbit Rule Closed Syllable



These Science of Reading-aligned decodable words, phrases and sentences with Rabbit Rule with Closed Syllable words are the perfect way to help your first grade, second grade and/or reading intervention students develop fluency with the consonant +le syllable.

Don’t wait to introduce multisyllabic words until all of the single syllable patterns have been taught! This pattern can be introduced once students have learned the closed syllable!

Do your students struggle with fluency?

If you want students to read fluently at the passage level, it is important to target fluency at the word, phrase and sentence level. This resource is designed to help students increase fluency and build confidence as readers.

Do you have students who have difficulty reading syllables in multisyllabic words?

We have included a syllable division scaffold of reading Rabbit Rule words. As a warmup, students will have the opportunity to read these multisyllabic words that have been broken down into syllables.

Do your students have trouble reading high frequency words?

We include an additional set of sentences that mark the high frequency words with a star. This discourages students from trying to tap and blend irregular (or ‘not yet’) words.

Are you interested in teaching your students using a structured literacy approach, but don’t know what to say and where to begin?

Our low-prep, detailed lesson plans will help ANY teacher implement explicit phonics and fluency instruction with ease.

This resource includes:

8 Sets of Lists

***each set includes Syllable Division Practice, Word Lists, and Phrases & Sentences that correspond to each other

Detailed Lesson Plans

Syllable Grid

Letter Cards

Rabbit Rule Poster

BONUS Panda Rule Poster (to teach schwa)




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