Decodable Readers Set 4 Magic e Bundle



These Science of Reading aligned, decodable readers will help your students build strong foundational reading skills. This bundle focuses on words that follow the silent e (magic e) pattern. It features 10 engaging stories designed to enhance phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills and provide multiple opportunities for readers to apply their phonics knowledge to connected text and help build independence.

Our detailed lesson plans follow a structured literacy format. The materials are designed to help teachers explicitly guide students to develop the skills and habits of capable readers.

Tailored for First Grade and Second Grade students, as well as struggling readers. These books are perfect for teaching vowel-consonant-e words in connected text. Teaching intervention or English language learners? These engaging phonics resources are an effective reading intervention tool.

Perfect for classroom, small groups, special education, or tutoring settings, Informed Literacy’s materials offer a versatile toolkit for effective literacy education.

Once books have been introduced, students can also enjoy them during independent reading time! This low-prep, decodable reader set is designed for differentiated reading of the VC-e (or Magic -e) syllable with your first grade, second grade students, or struggling readers.

The set contains TEN decodable readers that require previous exposure to words that follow the closed syllable and V-e (or Magic -e) syllable.

The 10-pack includes the following for each title:

Upper and Lowercase Letter Cards

Word Lists

Sentence Level Comprehension Activity

Vocabulary Activity

Spelling and Dictation Activity

Color and Low-Ink Versions

NEW: Each book is available as a 1-pg passage

Comprehension Questions

Detailed Lesson Plans

Options for differentiation

Suggested Lesson Progression


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