Camel Rule Book 4-Advanced Multisyllabic Decoding Strategies



Do your students struggle with reading and spelling multisyllabic words? This multisensory, advanced phonics resource is aligned with the Science of Reading and includes detailed lesson plans that ensure systematic, sequential, and cumulative instruction. This practical approach to Word Study is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to STOP GUESSING and READ and SPELL WITH ACCURACY!

This field-tested resource, designed for whole class in grades 2-4 or small group intervention in grades 2 and up, is the fourth book of our Multisyllabic Word Study Curriculum. This curriculum is systematic, sequential and cumulative. It is important that the books be taught in order, beginning with Rabbit Rule Book 1.

In this curriculum, we explicitly review syllabication rules (be sure to download our Free Syllabication Poster Pack that is available in our TpT store).

Camel Rule Book 4 includes 2 weeks of time-effective lesson plans regarding multisyllabic word decoding with words beginning with a closed syllable (i.e. cam-el, hab-it, com-ic).

The detailed lesson plans provide the teacher with a working knowledge of word study as well as a systematic approach to multisyllabic decoding instruction and will save hours of planning time! Embedded Literacy Coaching provides support for successful implementation!

All necessary materials are included:

*Scope and Sequence

*Pre/Post Assessment

*Detailed Lesson Plans (each lesson is scripted and includes photos when

applicable to provide a clear model of instruction)

*Word Lists for each day

*Progress Monitoring Materials

*Teacher’s Guide and Answer Keys

*Posters and Visuals (all available in low-ink versions)


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