BINGO Boards: Reinforcing Letter Names and Sounds



How can BINGO Boards reinforce letter names and sounds?

Our BINGO boards are a field-tested tool that help reinforce the names of letters, the sounds of letters, or both. BINGO boards can be implemented in the intervention setting, when working with a small group of students, in a supervised literacy center, or one-on-one. They are aligned with the CCSS Reading Foundational Skills standards.

Why is it important?

The ability to automatically name letters and produce the sound of each letter is the foundation of the alphabetic principle. Emergent readers benefit from repeated exposure and practice identifying letters and sounds to reach the point of automaticity.

Students who struggle to identify letters or remember the sounds benefit from targeted instruction. This game provides this targeted instruction in an engaging way.

Some letters are more difficult to learn because they are visually similar and/or sound similar. Informed Literacy BINGO boards include a variety of combinations contrasting commonly confused letters. In addition, this product also offers two editable versions so teachers can create BINGO boards targeting the needs of their own students.

This resource includes:

3 sets of BINGO Boards

2 Editable BINGO Boards

A set of letter cards


We believe informed instruction is most effective. Therefore, we strive to create products that not only align to current research, but also provide support for teachers. Our BINGO boards were designed with this goal in mind.

To inform your instruction, be sure to download our FREE Letter Name Letter Sound Assessment (LNLS) to help determine letters requiring review and reinforcement.



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