Asking vs. Telling Game-Free Sample of our TTQA Unit



We are excited to share a condensed version of this free game along with a daily lesson plan sample of our comprehensive TTQA Bundle (Turn the Question Around). The ability to answer a question in a complete sentence is a basic skill required of all students. Our TTQA Bundle provides a jumpstart to written response. Low ink versions are available in the paid TTQA products.

This field-tested game (one of three included in our TTQA Bundle) is designed to help students distinguish between telling and asking sentences. We noticed many of our intervention students exhibited difficulty identifying sentence types (i.e. asking vs. telling). Upon further investigation, we realized that our students were unaware of the format of a question because they could not identify the asking words (i.e. who, what, when, etc.). In order to successfully TTQA in writing, students need to distinguish between a question and a statement.

Our students found this activity motivating and helpful. In addition to whole class and Reading Intervention, this game could be integrated into ELL and/or Speech and Language lessons.

The game itself can be used with first graders as a teacher-led activity. Teachers can modify the game simply by reading the cards aloud to the players. This game can also be used in the intervention setting in grades 2 and up.


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