Ask Me a Question Game: Generating Questions



The ability to generate questions is an important oral language skill and a critical reading comprehension skill. This game (offered as a bonus in our TTQA Bundle) is designed to provide oral practice of question formulation.

This game can be used with Kindergartners and first graders as a teacher-led activity. Teachers can modify the game simply by reading the cards aloud to the players. This game can also be used in the intervention setting in grades 2 and up.

While the purpose of this game is to give students experience generating questions, the long range objective is to help students formulate text-related questions while reading. This stemmed from our work with students. When asking students to create questions about a text, we noticed they exhibited difficulty at the most basic level. Often, students would provide a statement instead of a question and appeared confused. We found it necessary to “back it up” and break the skill down to its most basic component: distinguishing between asking and telling sentences (please refer to our Asking vs. Telling Game available as a free download in our store). “Ask Me a Question” became the next logical step as it moved from discriminating between asking and telling sentences to generating questions.

Students will enjoy the game format complete with opportunities to earn bonus points. Teachers will enjoy the minimal prep required for implementation. Once students have had the opportunity to play the game, teachers can extend the practice of generating questions throughout the day (i.e. “Ask me a question about…”). This would be perfect for transition times, dismissal, exit slips, etc.

In addition to whole class and Reading Intervention, this game could also be integrated into ELL and/or Speech and Language lessons.

Low ink version included!


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