Answer My Question: Oral TTQA Practice for Fiction & Nonfiction



Help your students build comprehension and move beyond one-word answers to questions with this versatile resource. The ability to answer a question in a complete sentence is a basic skill required of all students. This resource is designed to provide oral practice of TTQA (Turn the Question Around), a prerequisite for written response.

This resource includes questions pertaining to both fiction and nonfiction texts and can be use alongside our TTQA Bundle: A Jumpstart to Written Response.

These materials can be used in a variety of settings such as whole class read-aloud, guided reading groups, intervention groups, ELL and/or Speech and Language lessons. These question cards can be used as task cards for independent work or as exit tickets to check for comprehension.

This product includes:

Both Color and Low-Ink Versions

Detailed Lesson Plan


20 Question Cards (per version)


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