Answer My Question Game Oral Practice of TTQA



The ability to answer a question in a complete sentence is a basic skill required of all students. This game (one of two included in our TTQA Bundle) is designed to provide oral practice of TTQA (Turn the Question Around); a prerequisite for written response.

The idea for this game stemmed from our work with students. When asking students to answer questions about a text, we noticed they exhibited difficulty at the most basic level. Often, students would provide a one-word answer or they would begin their answer with a question word (i.e. Q: What lesson did the character learn? A: How to be a friend). We found it necessary to “back it up” and break the skill down to its most basic component: distinguishing between asking and telling sentences (please refer to our Asking vs. Telling Game available as a free download in our TpT store). Once students were successful with the first step, we progressed to the slightly more challenging oral skill of TTQA.

This game can be a great icebreaker for the beginning of the year. In addition to whole class and Reading Intervention, this game could also be integrated into ELL and/or Speech and Language lessons.

Low ink version included!


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