An Overview of the Six Syllable Types Bundle



Do your students struggle with reading multisyllabic words? This systematic phonics resource will help! Readers must have a strong foundation of the six syllable to read two, three and four syllable words. This resource will help you provide the necessary foundational knowledge of the single syllable types.

For teachers who are ready to introduce multisyllabic word instruction (whole class or in small group intervention), this quick-start guide to single syllable instruction will help to ensure that all students possess the same basic knowledge upon which to build.

It is intended to provide an overview and is not meant to replace in-depth instruction. Students who struggle with single syllable decoding may need further support.

We have developed an introductory unit of the six syllable types. Embedded within this unit are: our Teacher Resource Guide that provides background knowledge, a rationale for teaching the six syllable types, pre and post-assessments to inform instruction, and detailed lesson plans with all related materials. The detailed lesson plans will save hours of planning time and include strategies that can be revisited throughout the year.

This weeklong unit provides guided, kinesthetic practice to assist students in recognizing and reading words containing each of the syllable patterns.

PLEASE NOTE: This bundle is also included in our Rabbit Rule Book 1 and Rabbit Rule Bundle as it provides the foundation for multisyllabic word instruction.


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