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    BUNDLE Spelling Practice of Phonetically Regular and Irregular Words

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    Reading and spelling are reciprocal skills. Different methods must be employed to reinforce the spelling of phonetically regular and irregular words. Our Spelling Bundle helps students learn to spell both types of words with accuracy while incorporating evidence based, multisensory strategies.

  • Spelling Practice: Reinforcing Spelling of Irregular Words


    This resource provides students practice with spelling irregular words with accuracy. Irregular words are words that do not follow phonetic patterns. Students must simply learn to spell these words through memorization. This product includes written lesson plans for multi-sensory spelling of phonetically irregular words. The resource includes the following: Detailed Lesson Plans Spelling Template Sample…

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    TTQA Bundle-A Jumpstart to Written Response

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    In addition to detailed daily lesson plans and all related materials, this bundle includes the following products from our store: Game Bundle-Identifying, Generating and Answering Questions Answer My Question Game: Oral Practice of TTQA Ask Me a Question Game: Generating Questions Asking vs. Telling Game-Free Sample of our TTQA Unit The ability to answer a…