How to Determine the Decodability of a Text

As we explained in a previous post, decodable texts are one of three types of important texts for beginning readers.  Decodable texts help build important neuronal pathways mapping sounds to print.  When students have an opportunity to apply their new learning to connected text, it builds confident, capable readers. When selecting decodable texts to reinforce…

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Fluency Series Part 1: The Bridge from Decoding to Comprehension

Beyond the Need for Speed   If someone would have asked us about fluency as brand new teachers, we might have responded with the notion that fluency is when a student reads with expression at a decent rate.  While this is partially accurate, fluency is so much more than “a need for speed” and the…

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Targeted Intervention Builds Stronger Readers

Using the Components of Literacy as a Guide The framework for our blog is based upon The Cognitive Model created by Michael C. McKenna and Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl (2009).  McKenna’s Cognitive Model provides a framework for targeted reading intervention that leads to stronger readers. The ultimate goal of reading is comprehension.  However, comprehension is…