About Wendy Darasz

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I am a literacy specialist and a certified dyslexia practitioner  who is passionate about the teaching of reading.  After earning my Masters in Education from the University of Hartford I was blessed to enter my chosen profession.   I spent many years instructing in a primary classroom where my zest for teaching reading began and flourished.  

After years of independent study on the craft and science of teaching reading, I attained my certification as a Literacy Specialist (K-12) from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven,

The fire to learn more about the Science of Reading inspired me to continue my education.  In February of 2021, after a year of intense study and practicum work with Wilson Academy, I achieved my goal of becoming a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner.

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Another of my greatest delights, is working alongside teachers and sharing insights and expertise with one another to provide the most effective instruction for students.  That’s how my partner and I began designing and writing curriculum materials that align with the Science of Reading. 

This website is one more way to build a community of educators who believe that every child deserves reading success.

When I’m not reading, teaching, or writing about reading I am usually engaged in one of my other delights in the northwest hills of Connecticut: spending time with my husband, spoiling one or both of my dogs, hiking, or gardening.

Both Jen and I welcome you to this community.  Thanks for joining us!